Welcome to the site of the Promotion Unit of the Medical University of Gdańsk. This is where you will find essential information about, among others, University’s Open Days and Picnic for health.

Our team handles the content edition for both the University’s website and social media. If you have any information that you would like to publish please contact us via mail. If you are interested in purchasing the official University merchandise please visit Dr Gadget’s shop for current prices and stock:

The merchandise is available for purchasing at our office, room no.3., ground floor of the University Authorities’ Office.

Our key task also involve providing data for various academic rankings, preparation of outdoor campaigns and broadly defined promotion of the University. We also organize the New Year’s Concert.

Our team: Jolanta Świerczyńska, Bartosz Stachowski, Adam Tuszyński

Promotion Unit

Dębinki 7 Street, building no. 13, room no. 10
80-211 Gdańsk

(58) 349 11 63

How to find us?

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