Tradition and preservation of motives of previous symbols while refreshing and adapting to the needs of current trends in visual communication are the hallmarks of the new logo of the Medical University of Gdańsk.

The university has implemented a new, consistent visual identity system. It is an essential part of the University’s 2019-2025 development Strategy. Further, it is a direct response to the emerging needs of the academic community which actively promotes the University and thus, is in need of professional tools.

The introduced logo refreshes to one used since 2009, designed by Sylwia Scisłowska, a longtime associate of the MUG’s Department of Anatomy.

Both promotional and informational materials were designed according to one aesthetic key, ensuring their coherence and recognition. In each of these materials, colouring, selection of typefaces, appropriate placement and legibility of the sign are provided. These materials, combined with each other, form one cohesive whole.

The Book of Visual Identification, along with the logo and editable files, is available in the Extranet.

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